How do I go about booking you for our Wedding day ?

You have done the hard part and that's finding me here, hopefully you have had a good look around my website and like the imagery on show. If you then send off my contact form with your details I can then contact you back with a date and time for me to come over to meet you and your partner for an informal Wedding meeting where I can show you some more of my work, get to know each other, find out what sort of images you like and your needs for your big day and then hopefully sign contracts etc

How much does it cost to secure my booking with you and when do I pay the final balance ?

A £100 non refundable booking fee will secure your date with me, which of course comes of the total amount owed.

Final balance is to be paid 14 days before your Wedding day, this gives you one less thing to worry about on the day.

What information do you need from us ?

If you take your time and fill in this form below, I will have all the information required for your Wedding day. Thank you.

Your Wedding Day Details
Before Wedding Breakfast After Wedding Breakfast

Thank for taking your time to fill this form in, Looking forward to seeing you all soon

How many photos will I receive ?

To be honest there is no given said amount of images really as every Wedding is different, if it is in focus or tells a story then you will receive it, this year as a rule I have on average delivered between 400 and 500 images to clients. Of course you then receive your duplicate black and white images so that's a lot of memories for you to keep

When will my photos be finished ?

I always tell couples to allow up to 28 days for their photos to be edited and then uploaded to their online gallery. Of course if I get them finished sooner then you will know straight away. Why does it take so long ? You have all seen the love and hard work I put into photographing your big day the same applies to the editing to make sure all your photos are ones you can treasure for life.

All Wedding Photographers work crazy long hours and we all foremost have your image quality first and try to deliver in a good time frame. Contrary to belief we are normal people too so in between all the photo shoots, Weddings, meetings, social networking, editing, promoting and advertising we need to find time to juggle our own private lives so we too can have time for kisses and cuddles x

To give you an idea of how I am getting on with my edits you can click below to see my Clients area

How do I choose the photos I require for my products ?

I always tell couples to settle into their new lives together and there is no rush in picking the photos, after all the last thing you want is a big argument a week after being married as you can't decide which one you want as your canvas print ! When things have settled down then sit with a nice glass of something fizzy together and make a list of the photos you want for each product. For your USB box and Canvas print simply write down the filenames of the photos you require on each and send me either a email or message so I can then order them for you.

How do you choose your 200 photos for your Story Book ?

Ordering the 200 images for your book you receive a separate online gallery where all you have to do is click on the love/heart button and select the 200 images. The first time you do this you will be asked for your email address so that you can log in and out until you have made your final decisions.

Can we and our family and guests buy prints and other products ?

Yes, you have a built in shop in your online gallery so any of your family and guests can buy prints and products after your Wedding day

You ask for an extra group photo list on the Wedding details form, which ones do I need to add ?

I always ask couples if there are any special photos they would want that will be personal to their Wedding day, some send me examples of photos they like which is always good for me to get ideas. For the group shots as standard every Wedding I run through the same format of photos which are listed below.

Group shot - All the people at the Wedding including family and friends and the bridal party
Group shot - Both sides of the families
Group shot - friends of the couple
Parents of the couple
Couple and the bridal party
Couple and the bridesmaids
Couple and the ushers and best person

These photos will cover everyone who is at your Wedding, extra photos you may like could be photos with Grandparents, family members who have traveled far and wide to be with you, photos of you and your children etc, the choice is yours as it's your day. Just remember in the modern Wedding world we will be on a tight time schedule so the more time we spend doing group photos the less time we have to get your Portraits as a couple.

What happens if it rains on our Wedding day ?

We live in the UK the one thing I can't control is the weather, I've had rainy days in the middle of summer and sunny days in the middle of winter. I always carry a load of lights with me to every Wedding just in case this happens though, it's always good to ask at your venue when you are deciding which one to book if they have any areas that you can get photos indoors or under cover, me and my camera gear are both weather sealed so we both don't mind going out and photographing in all weathers, of course I totally understand that most brides won't want to be dragged across wet fields in their Wedding dresses in the rain.
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