It's really hard to imagine that this time last Friday evening I was sitting at home, work clothes ironed , camera bag all prepped ready for a beautiful wedding when I got a message from the couple saying that their wedding had been cancelled ! I was devastated for them both to have their special day stopped at such short notice.


I guess like most people here in the UK we had heard of this coronavirus but had somehow had the attitude of let's carry on as normal until someone else says elsewise. Last weekend people here started to take more notice and our local registrars took the steps of cancelling all weddings until June until further notice. This of course was the right step to take.


This resulted in the next few days of me being in contact with upcoming wedding couples and trying to find a new rearranged date for them all, I am not going to lie to you all but this has been one of the hardest things I have had to do, being a Wedding Photographer is not just a job for me, it’s a passion and my escape from my normal life as a Dad to my beautiful twins, weddings give me a chance to get out into the real world and socialise whilst doing a job that i love.I have spent the week crying with some of you, laughing with some of you, but all of you have been amazing through what must of been a really hard time and decision for you all to make. All the local venues I know have been amazing and working together makes me proud to be part of this amazing suffolk wedding community and profession. 


To make things easier moving forward I have made a list of all my available dates over this and next year so that when you are in contact with your venue and the registrars it will make picking a date easier as this would mean if I am free then a simple date change.

Available dates 

October 2020

Free every Saturday and Sunday apart from the 31st

November 2020

free every Saturday and Sunday apart from the 14th and free every friday apart from the 6th

December 2020

Free all month

January 2021

Free all month

February 2021

free every Saturday and Sunday apart from the 27th

March 2021

Friday 5th

Saturday 6th

Sunday 7th

Friday 12th

Saturday 13th

Sunday 14th

Saturday 20th

Sunday 21st

April 2021

Friday 2nd

Sunday 4th

Sunday 11th

Friday 23rd


Sunday 25th

May 2021

Sunday 2nd

Friday 7th

Saturday 8th

Sunday 9th

Saturday 15th

Sunday 16th

Sunday 23rd

Friday 28th

Sunday 30th

June 2021

Friday 4th

Sunday 6th

Friday 11th

Sunday 13th

Sunday 20th

Saturday 26th

Sunday 27th

July 2021

Sunday 4th

Friday 9th

Sunday 11th

Friday 16th

Sunday 18th

August 2021

Sunday 1st

Friday 6th

Saturday 7th

Saturday 14th

Sunday 15th

Friday 20th

Sunday 22nd

Sunday 29th

September 2021

Free every Saturday and Sunday apart from Saturday the 4th the 11th and the 25th

October 2021

Free every Saturday and Sunday apart from Saturday the 31st

November 2021

Free every weekend apart from Friday the 12th

Please contact me if you want any further information or if you have your Wedding booked in with me for the near future

I personally can’t wait for the day that we can all be together again and celebrate your wedding days, cake will never taste so good, the dance floor will be busier than ever. One thing we have to get us all through this is love and love will always find a way.


A massive thank you to all key workers from the shop staff, the lorry drivers, the farmers and all others keeping the country running and a huge thank you to the NHS staff, police and fire services for keeping us safe and saving lives.


Look after yourselves and stay healthy and safe, most of all do what you are told and stay indoors !.

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