September update, and happy birthday to me

Thursday 10th of September 2020

I felt it was time to update everyone not only to keep you all informed but it's because today is my birthday !! Another year older and somewhat wiser, it's been a very trying and challenging past six months for everyone. The wedding industry has been brought to a complete standstill for the past few months but there is little glimmers of hope and some couples have decided to go ahead with their weddings adhering to the government's current guidelines.

I can’t wait to get back to work again as there has been a massive part of my life missing not photographing weddings, I look forward to seeing all couples and guests coming up in the next weeks and months.

For all couples who have had to rearrange their weddings my thoughts have always been with you all in what must have been a horrible time for you all, some of you I know are now in your third change of date ! We will eventually return to a normal life again and there is hope out there be it with a vaccine, antigen testing or an app or anyway to resume any sort of normality ? But you can be assured that all of your dates have been moved to your new dates and I am here always ready to do all I can to answer any questions you have moving forward.

For all new bookings for 2021 and 2022, I firstly want to say a big thankyou for choosing me to be your wedding photographer in these crazy times, all your dates are all safely in my diary and I had hoped that things in regards this virus would of been a lot better than the place we find ourselves today so with that in mind and the new guidelines brought in yesterday I feel for your safety and mine it would be best to continue not to do face to face meetings at this present time until things hopefully ease up or when we return to a more normal life again. When we do finally get to meet in person I can then show you the different wedding packages for you to choose ,in regards to booking fee’s I still feel it to be wrong for me to take any money of you all until we have had a meeting to discuss your plans and to sign contracts, hopefully once again this won’t be too long but I will try to keep you all informed on here when I feel it's safe to start meetings again. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email or contact me on the social channels.

Here are some images from when life was normal, we will return one day to dancing around like crazy on dancefloors, Stay safe and healthy everyone x

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